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Fixed Income Alternatives – An Introduction

By Matthew Jones, CFA Investment Manager for Harvest Investment Consultants In the first quarter of 2009, Harvest Investment Consultants, LLC provided information about the structure of corporate bonds and detailed the compelling investment opportunity that we had identified in that sector.  The corporate bankruptcies and onset of global recessionary conditions in late 2008 and early…

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Diagnosing the Economy: Are We on the Mend?

By Lawrence N. Leitch, ChFC CLU Partner with Synergy Financial Group We are starting to see some parts of our economy begin to heal from the big bank meltdown that started last fall. And after severe declines in U.S. GDP in the fourth quarter of last year and the first quarter of this year, the…

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Big Brother: Friend or Foe to Your Investments?

J. Michael Martin, JD, CFP®
Chief Investment Officer for Financial Advantage Inc.

For an entire generation, investors were swept up in an intoxicating environment of unbridled opportunity: the dismantling of the Soviet empire, the resurgence of capitalism in Asia and Eastern Europe, the Internet revolution, a global credit boom, the trade boom, the housing boom and the energy boom. That was our investment context, and while it lasted every market correction was an investment opportunity. As everyone now knows, the cheap and plentiful credit that supported this giddy expansion has imploded. And that changes everything, though not everyone realizes it yet.

Many of us were first jostled from our American reverie when it was brought to our attention this year that equities have lost money for an entire decade! Whatever happened to that fabled “10.4 percent average annual return over the long term”? Whatever happened to “over long periods of time, stocks earn more than bonds”? As advisors, we have been examining the basic big-picture assumptions investors have long accepted about the world in which we live. Some of our discoveries are a bit unsettling.

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