Supreme Court Sides with Maryland Taxpayers

The following news update was written by Mary-Kay Leary, CPA, MST of the accounting and consulting firm Fitzpatrick, Leary & Szarko, LLC.

The Supreme Court has sided with the Maryland taxpayers (finally!)

The Supreme Court found that Maryland is in violation of the Commerce Clause by double taxing income earned by MD taxpayers from other states.

What this means is that Maryland residents that file MD tax returns and that are required to pay nonresident taxes to other states may be entitled to a reduction of their future MD taxes and possibly a refund of overpaid MD taxes for prior years.

Please contact us if you are a MD resident that also files nonresident tax returns in other states. We would be happy to discuss this case with you and whether you can benefit from the ruling. Feel free to pass this message along to anyone that you think might benefit from the information or that you think we can assist with this issue.

Here is a brief summary of the case, the issue and the ruling:

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