Avoiding Legal Trouble with an Employee Handbook

A comprehensive employee handbook is an integral part of protecting business owners from legal trouble. However, In order for a handbook to be effective, you must ensure it contains several key components. Here, the business law attorneys at The Law Offices of James A. List detail some of the key components an employee handbook should…

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4 Ways to Structure a Business

There are various ways to structure the ownership of a business, and the type you choose can have major legal and financial impacts in the future. Here, the business and legal advisors at The Law Offices of James A. List, LLC help to ensure the success of you and your business by providing a closer…

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The Basics of Government Contract Bid Disputes

Shrinking federal budgets can mean greater competition for government contracts. If you feel that your business or firm was unfairly treated in the contract bid process, legal recourse is available to you. Here, the business and corporate attorney, James A. List, provides key information on government contract bid disputes. What is a Government Contract Bid…

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Understanding ABLE Act Accounts

The ABLE Act has allowed individuals with disabilities, and their families, to improve their quality of life and financial security. But, how do ABLE Accounts work, and how can a disabled individual create one? Here, the disability law advocates at The Law Offices of James A. List answer some frequently asked questions regarding ABLE Act…

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Ocean City Office – Grand Opening

The Law Offices of James A. List would like to thank everyone who attended our ribbon cutting event for our new Ocean City office! If you missed it, take a look at some of the highlights!

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The Steps Involved in Probate

Probate is the legal process of “proving” a will, and can vary depending on the value of the estate and the presence of a comprehensive will. Here, the estate attorneys at The Law Office of James A. List explain the steps involved in probate. Determine Estate Size In Maryland, probate procedure is determined by the…

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How to Avoid Employment Discrimination as a Business Owner

Employment discrimination can have serious repercussions for employees and employers alike, and business owners would do well to create a workplace environment free from discrimination. Here, the business and employment attorneys at The Law Office of James A. List detail best hiring practices to prevent employment discrimination. Develop an Appropriate List of Qualifications Before posting…

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What are Conservation Easements?

Conservation easements can be a great estate-planning strategy for landowners. But in many cases, such tools are overlooked because their benefits are not fully understood. Here, the estate planning specialists at The Law Offices of James A. List, LLC further elaborate on the concept of conservation easements. What are Conservation Easements? A conservation easement is…

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Finding Candidates for Successful Succession Planning

It is important to have a structure in place that facilitates the succession of new individuals into management positions upon the departure of former leaders. Here, the business law specialists at The Law Offices of James A. List, LLC detail ways to ensure success in succession planning for businesses. Prepare Early Retirement is no longer…

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