Info Exchange

Leveraging Technology for Busy Individuals and Their Families

Estate planning should be an essential part of everyone’s life. Unfortunately, many believe that designing a personal estate plan is a lengthy and complicated process.

InfoExchange leverages technology to streamline the estate planning process, making it both convenient and cost-effective.

InfoExchange streamlines the estate planning process through:

1.) Information/Education. Our law firm gives you practical information about the estate planning process through our “Layperson’s Guide to Estate Planning” booklet. The Guide can be downloaded from our website or mailed to you. YOU control when and how this process occurs.

2.) Data Gathering.

  • Use our secure InfoExchange forms to submit family information on our website. There are only two forms, which require 5-10 minutes to complete; OR
  • Download, print, complete, and fax/email the InfoExchange forms; OR
  • Schedule a telephone, Skype®, or GoToMeeting® call to provide needed data and discuss issues specific to your family.

3.) Appointment. Following these steps, your Estate Plan can be customized, reviewed, and executed to meet your busy schedule.

Bottom line:  InfoExchange leverages the convenience and efficiency of technology to streamline the process for creating a customized estate plan – all while saving you time and money.

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